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Each bale can consist of  a mix of 7 types of underpads. The types can be broken down into 6 basic catagories.
Quilted Breathable- Quilted Cloth-like Underpads have a super absorbent soft core, breathable backsheet
Fluff and Polymer Underpad- Fluff and Polymer underpad with spunbond non-woven topsheet polypropylene backsheet. Extra heavy absorbent polymer and odor controlling agent.
Underpad with Polymer Impregnated Tissue
Fluff Underpad
Quilted Underpad- Quilted Moisture Vapor Permeable Underpads have super absorbency
Fluff and Polymer Breathable Underpad- Fulff and Polymer Breathable Underpad, with spunbond nonwoven topsheet

Adult Diaper Inserts are normally 15-20% of the bale.
$0.055 FOB Charleston
$1,900 based on 33,000 lb plus or minus 5%

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